What are the occupations that recruit in finance?

the occupations that recruit in finance

As you all know, because of the digital revolution, the financial sector is growing. The financial professions are constantly evolving and others are being created. According to a study conducted last year, the professions of finance / accounting are experiencing a change of 16%. We can also note that since the year 2013 young people under 30 years as well as the holders of a BAC + 5 represent the majority of the recruitments. Place to the young? In fact, the situation of young graduates is better, they get the majority of permanent jobs (CDI) and they earn more.

What are the occupations that recruit in finance?

Following your studies and your professional experiences already acquired during the past years, your profession seems to be already predefined. Do not limit yourself! Discover the different areas of finance that can match you:

– Financial Management of Companies – International Finance

– Placement – Public Finance

Intentional Finance – Personal Finance

Among the occupations that recruit, we can mention:

Careers in Accounting :

• Accounts Payable • General Accountant • Collections Manager

• Chief Accountant • Accounting Collaborator • Payroll Collaborator

The trades of analysts:

• Equity Analyst • Financial Analyst • Structurer

• Structured Finance Analyst • Mergers Acquisition Analyst

Here are some companies looking for profiles like yours!

What profiles are you looking for?

Young engineers are now sometimes more sought after than graduates of business schools in the financial world. A wide range of trades is open to this type of profiles more and more coveted.

Some trades, such as financial analyst trades, sales trader, sales, business analyst require financial skills. The IT finance professions, such as MOE, MOA or IT consultant do not necessarily require financial skills.

The finance sector is also attracted by international profiles. Recruiters are looking for employees with international experience, and candidates are aware of the recruitment opportunities these positions abroad represent.

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