Used Opel Corsa: Find the Best Loan

Used Opel Corsa: Find the Best Loan

All categories combined, the used car that tops the ranking of bestsellers in Belgium is none other than the famous Volkswagen Golf . But it is followed by the Corsa, small city nevertheless versatile Opel. Declined in many ways, this car seduced the Belgians. The most used Opel Corsa in our flat country? A 5-door running on gasoline.

1. Find your used Opel Corsa

It’s good, you know it: it’s the Corsa that makes you crack. But where to find a good used Opel Corsa? And many options are available to you:

  • Opting for an individual : This will probably cost you less than at a dealership, but you will not usually have a guarantee. The purchase will be at your own risk. Most of the time, the contract of sale will include the following statement “in the state well known to the buyer”. This means that the buyer has done the trick of the car and knows the slightest flaws. It can not, under any circumstances, turn against the seller in case of problems. To find the pearl, you can go through different sales sites, such as Autoscout24 , GoCar / AutoVlan , Vroom , and many more.
  • Go to a dealer or a dealer : in this case, you will most often benefit from a one-year warranty. This is reassuring when you buy a used car that belonged to someone you do not know about Eve or Adam. You will also receive an invoice worthy of the name.
  • Go through the certified network of the brand: Opel Certified Used Cars . In this way, you will enjoy various advantages, such as an extended extended-price guarantee, a vehicle control ( 100-point system ), assistance, a car-pass in order and the recovery of your old vehicle. On the other hand, it will often cost you more than if you bought the vehicle from an individual. And yes, the more intermediaries there are, the bigger the profit margin.

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