Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – Woodcarving Tips for Beginners

Woodcarving Tips for Beginners

Are you fond of woodcarving? If yes, you will get many online websites and mobile applications to give you fresh ideas for your next carving project. If you are a woodwork enthusiast, you must keep in mind the basic woodcarving tips when you are working on a project. Steve Sorensen is a woodwork enthusiast who makes wizard staffs and other interesting woodwork products in the market. These staffs are like the ones you see in games or movies with wizards like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, etc. He says when he makes these special staffs, he carefully selects the wood. You cannot carve designs on all wood. The best wood for wood carving is butternut, basswood, and aspen.

Steve Sorenson Select Staffing- beginner tips for woodcarving

Steve Sorenson Select Staffing manufactures wooden and woodcarving products in the USA. Mr. Sorenson says the knife must be sharp when you are carving wood. However, make sure you pay attention to safety. The tip of the knife should always be razor sharp. If the tip of your knife isn’t sharp enough, it will jump off the surface of the wood. A blunt knife can also damage the carving work.

Never place your carving wood on your leg

Always use a good table. Never place wood you wish to carve on your leg. There is a high possibility of injury if you suddenly hit your thigh with a sharp knife.

Wear protective eye gear

Wear protective gear to protect your eyes from any flying chips. You can also wear a mask in case you are working on intricate and extensive designs on the wood. When you are grinding the wood, keep your thumb on the piece of wood that you are working on. This gives you complete control over your work and prevents you from injuring your hand or clothes in case you lose balance.

Be careful when you are working with tools

Be focused when you are working with woodcarving tools. Do not scratch your face with any tool in your hand. Wear gloves and keep an emergency kit nearby. Always wear a glove on your non-carving hand as well. Some wood craftsmen often neglect this safety tip. They often land up with major injuries in case they accidentally hit their hand with the carving tool.

Woodcarving is very demanding and challenging. You should have the right tools and know the correct techniques. If you are a beginner, watch videos on how to carve wood correctly online. Check out websites that give you tips and tricks on how you should carve wood like a pro. Practice makes you perfect. Give yourself time and work on DIY projects to master the skill.

Steve Sorenson Select Staffing creates amazing products for the market. Mr.Sorenson pays a lot of attention to detail when carving wood. If you are interested in carving wood, you must have a lot of patience. There are different styles of carving, and you should embrace the one you like the most.

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