Motorcycle insurance: how to find the right contract at the best price?

Motorcycle insurance: how to find the right contract at the best price?

Required to ride a car, motorcycle insurance can weigh heavily in the budget if you do not take the time to choose the right formula. Here are the three points not to be forgotten according to our partner, editor of this content.

What are your needs for motorcycle insurance?

Before choosing a motorcycle insurance policy , the future insured must take stock of his real needs according to his two – wheelers. Insurance a sportswoman will not cost the same price as a road and even if their displacements are identical. In the same way, the contributions will differ if your machine is new or bought used and according to this criterion, if you wish to insure it to the third – minimum guarantee covering only the damage caused to others – or to opt for a cover “all risks “.

Be careful, however, not to seek at all costs to save money by putting aside useful options such as theft. The ICA (Two-Wheeler and Driver Protection) Club has published compelling figures: in 2016, 55,400 two-wheelers, scooters and motorbikes – all with anti-theft systems – were stolen , a machine stolen all the ten minutes. Even if you think your bike is well protected, do not neglect a cover against theft.

Do not forget your equipment! We do not always think to ensure his helmet or his suit and yet their replacement can weigh heavily in your budget! These options may be added to a third-party guarantee.

Check the guarantees offered by the motorcycle contracts

For the same level of coverage called “all risks”, insurers can offer different guarantees and, consequently, variable reimbursements. Some of them automatically offer insurance against theft of accessories, for example, when for others, it remains an option. Similarly, the amounts of compensation, always for the highest level of coverage, may vary from one organization to another as recalls the den

IMPORTANT: as with car insurance contracts , check the amount of deductibles! An insurer can attract you with very low premiums that hide expensive franchises!

Compare the amount of contributions!

The online insurance comparators are an ideal tool to review the different offers of the market and find the one that combines the best value for money! Sometimes, it is better to pay higher contributions so as not to have unpleasant surprises in case of claims such as unpayable indemnification conditions or overpayment.

Hervé’s advice

Beware of the extra premium of young drivers  ! Some insurers take advantage of the lack of experience of young bikers to overly increase their rates. Here again: negotiate! In addition, some courses such as accompanied driving may lower the amount of your motorcycle insurance.

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