Jason Proch: The Businessman With Knowledge of Various Industries

Jason Proch: The Businessman With Knowledge of Various Industries

With the advent of the modern technology, it has become hassle-free even for the smallest business to do business across the world. International business dealings usually come with numerous types of struggles which include everything starting from language and culture barriers to shipping costs. Prior to doing business internationally, it is important for a person to prepare for those challenges, and decide to start working oversees when it works for them.

Jason is a well-known businessman with experience in several different industries. After completing education, he has joined reputed companies where he has served as a renowned business professional. Jason Proch has two degrees in the field of engineering. He has obtained a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University with a minor in Environmental Engineering. After this, Jason obtained Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh. Post this program, Jason has worked for a couple years. He then obtained a Master of Business Administration degree from Duquesne University.

Being a versatile businessman, Jason has worked as a process engineer in the plastics manufacturing industry. In this company he has been responsible for leading the manufacturing operations of a plastic production facility. His responsibility also includes selecting qualified individuals and supervising the cross functional teams. Jason also has vast knowledge in designing and implementing processes, budgetary planning and equipment, and equipment sell overseas.

After this, Jason has worked as a Turbine Engineer in the power generation manufacturing industry. His duties here included managing cross-functional teams and contractors. Jason’s main focus has always been on international business. As he has started pursuing this path, it has always been his objective to establish a global company that will support people from across the world. In the recent times, the international markets offer businesses irrespective of their sizes the chance to sell internationally. This gives the businesses greater chances of rewards especially if the local market falters. By taking the business to the international level businesses can get access to a much larger base of customers. In case the product or service is a success, then one can enjoy increased revenues from the new customers even if they have saturated markets.

One more outstanding benefit of taking the business global is that one can get access to more experienced and knowledgeable employees who have unique skills and mindsets. One may even find that these prospective hires have skills that are hard to find in the home country, which gives them an advantage on other organizations in the field.

When he is not busy discussing with clients or working on other business projects, Jason Proch loves spending time with his family. He also loves playing softball and is a passionate hunter and fisherman. Jason has mixed his love for business and hunting and created a deer transporting tool referred to as The Game Glide. All these make Jason not only a passionate businessman but also a versatile person as well.