Home insurance: how to terminate your contract?

Home insurance: how to terminate your contract

Do you want to cancel your home insurance contract? Procedures, delays, special cases: the legislation is very precise. Follow the guide !

Terminate your home insurance contract when you At the first expiry

Before the first term of your contract, you can cancel your home insurance without any obligation of justification to your organization. You simply need to send him a registered letter two months before the deadline for the termination of your subscription . And no need to schedule a reminder to meet deadlines: your insurer has the legal obligation to inform you of the end of your contract two months and 15 days before your first birthday. From the date of sending the mail, you then have 20 days to request your cancellation.

Thanks to the Châtel law, if your insurance organization fails to remind you of the end date of your contract on the annual notice of expiry , you can cancel it at any time by registered letter, without any penalty to pay.

After the first year of contract

As for car insurance, since 2015, the Hamon law allows an insured to terminate his housing contract by registered mail at any time after one year of insurance without any justification or penalty to pay.

Important: when you are a tenant, taking out a home multi-risk policy is mandatory . Also, when you change your organization, you must inform your new insurer of the details of your previous contract (including references and contact details of the various parties) so that it can handle the cancellation itself. Termination that will take effect one month after receipt of the request.

Special cases

The legislation provides for certain changes in circumstances as a valid reason for terminating at any time his housing insurance: a move, a divorce or an increase in the rates of your insurer.

Owner: How to terminate your housing contract?

Unless part of a condominium, the owner of a property is not obliged to take out a home insurance contract . It is nevertheless strongly recommended, especially in case of damage, for not having to pay often high sums to repair any damage. It is therefore up to him to terminate the old contract if he does not choose to take out a new insurance.

So use an online comparator to find the home insurance that best suits your needs! Among the most important elements to check: the price obviously, the main guarantees (water damage, fire, natural disaster, storm) and secondary (theft or breakage of ice) and the threshold of compensation.

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