Home insurance: how to get compensation after a flight?

Home insurance: how to get compensation after a flight

Home insurance provides in their basic guarantees the reimbursement of furniture, appliances, hi-fi, sound and computer in case of theft . Unfortunately, not all contracts are the same and support can vary widely.

The first thing to do after a burglary is to call the police – within 48 hours of discovery – to file a complaint. Within the same period, you will have to send the minutes of this complaint with a complete declaration of theft to your insurer, all by registered letter. Finally, within the next 15 days, you will have to complete your declaration by bringing the documents justifying the value of the stolen goods (ideally invoices but the photos are also accepted). Also remember to include quotes and bills for repairs of any damage to property.

Warning ! Home multi-risk contracts calculate the reimbursement of stolen property based on their price on the day of purchase . Which means, for example, that the older your TV is, the less value it will have for your insurance. It will then be necessary to deduct the quotient of dilapidation applied automatically and the amount of the deductible indicated in your housing formula.

Once these steps have been completed, an expert will review the damage and return his assessment to your insurance. After which, the benefits will be paid to you within one month from the date of agreement.

Home insurance: think about the option “new equipment”

Beyond the basic guarantees of your home multi-risk policy, your insurer can offer you a “re-equipment to new” option. An alternative that will allow you a fuller refund without any deduction linked to the quotient of obsolescence.In return, the entity protecting your home undertakes to replace the stolen property within a maximum of six months. In addition, be aware that some insurances may refuse this option for property considered too old (beyond 5 years and sometimes 3).

However, this solution can increase your annual contribution by 10 to 15%. Feel free to request quotes using an online insurance comparator to find the best deal.

If your property is found before the reimbursement of the insurer, you are obliged to take them back. If they have been damaged, repairs will be covered by your insurance. If you have already been reimbursed, you can recover your property provided you return the amount paid to you.

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