Discover the world of finance in comics

Discover the world of finance in comics

Comics devoted to the world of finance are numerous to see the day and their readers do not miss. Using fiction, the authors combine leisure and pedagogy to immerse readers in the heart of the world of finance by highlighting its characteristics, issues and key characters. In this article, we invite you to discover two comics from the Lombard editions : Hedge Fund, and IR $.

Hedge Fund – Volume 1 “Men’s Money
Hedge Fund tells the rise of Franck Carvale, a small insurance broker, to the highest level of international finance. From Hong Kong to New York, unwittingly driven by a mentor in search of revenge, will it be the instrument of the planned downfall of the global economy?
Franck Carvale is arrogant, ambitious and desperate to succeed. Franck Carvale is clever, but perhaps less than he thinks. His meeting with a former trader like Pygmalion will be his greatest chance and worst curse.
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IR $ – Volume 19 The Financial Lords:
More than ever determined to fight financial crime, Larry B. Max decides to oppose his father reappeared from the dead. He became the main shareholder of the Channing Corporation, a financial group closely linked to Robert Max and playing a key role in the agreements negotiated between China and the United States. With the help of Jakoff, alterglobalist and financial genius, Larry is about to expose the fraudulent deals that US banks have with the Chinese.

IR $ International Revenue Service, the tax collection body in the United States. IRS Special Agent Larry B Max is seconded to the most sensitive cases. OPA, oil, corruption. He has all the means. He is in the front line. At war against black money and the most criminal frauds!

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Third Wave Collection

The Third Wave collection is the reference of the contemporary thriller in comics. But beyond her heroes and her stories full of action and suspense, she claims a greater ambition, that of putting a little light on opaque universes. In collaboration with specialists, researchers or professionals in each field, the authors give us the keys to better understand. To better understand. From the subprime crisis in Hedge Fund to the myth of the end of oil with Koralovski, it is now possible thanks to the comic strip to detect the wheels and stakes of a world that is changing at full speed.

About Le Lombard editions

The Lombard (Lombard Publishing until 1989) is a Belgian comics publishing house, founded in 1946 by Raymond Leblanc
Today, The Lombard publishes a hundred albums each year.
In addition to the series born in Lombard but now represented by other publishers (Blake and Mortimer, Dan Cooper, Michel Vaillant, Ric Hochet, etc.), the catalog of this publisher includes series as famous as Oumpah-Pah, Corentin, Modest and Pompom, The Adventures of Chick Bill, Chlorophyll, Clifton, Yakari, Aria, Jonathan, Thorgal, Lefranc, Simon of the River, Buddy Longway, Bernard Prince, Cubitus, The Student Ducobu, IR $, or even Leonard.
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As part of a partnership with Le Lombard, Dogfinance has had the pleasure of offering several books to the winners of the Trophée du Meilleur Financier 2018.

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