Are venture capital effective for startups?

Are venture capital effective for startups

There are many startup businesses popping all over the world. Many people are dreaming to start their own company every day. From small business from custom term papers writing service providers to high end business houses, there is one common thing that every company needs and that is capital. Capital is one of the most important factors when it comes working up a business, followed by materials and buildings. When you need to start a good business that will hopefully work in long runs, the most important factor you will need are, investors. So, what who are these investors?

Investors are the people who commit their capital with the expectation of financial returns. Investors utilize investment in order to grow their money or provide a portion of their income after retirement, such practice can be called an annuity. Investors can be of many form, but there are specific investors who mostly invest in startups, these investors are called venture capital investors.

What is Capital Venture?

Venture Capital can be described as the act on financial or non-financial investment (machinery, assets, and building) of assistance by investors. These investors are likely to invest in new companies or small companies which show potential to stand in long run. Venture capital is mostly invested by well of investors, investment banks, and any other financial institution. These investors do not stay for very long, mostly from 5-6 years.

At first it is required to keep in mind that venture capital is may not be the necessarily of every aspects of entrepreneurs. It is need to be aware that venture capitalist are aware about the latest knowhow which is now a days is considered as the need of businesses as well as the companies and looking for the sectors such as information technology communication, bio-technology, academic assignment writing providers which have literally high growth potential Venture capitalist wants to look for an efficient ROI (Return on Investment) that will be generated when the business start to sell their share to the market.

So, it is very important to understand that how your investors will react and what kind of proposal seems to be potential, in their point of view. There are many things that needs to be considered as a business, for that reason it is highly important to know the pros and cons of such investment, from a view point of a startup or small business.

Advantages and disadvantages of venture capital for startups.


  1. Business expertise- Apart from the financial sources they gather venture capital for the purpose of providing in a startup business that can be considered as the valuable guidance for that particular businesses. For example, if you are an academic writing company, you will get expert information on how to write a college application essay, dissertation or other educational papers.
  1. Additional sources-In some critical areas including legal, tax and personal matters .A V.C. firm provides support that is considered as the key stage in the developing stage of the start-up company.
  1. Connections- They are widely connected with the community. For these connections the company are entitle to get adequate benefits.


  1. Loss of Control- The demerit which are involve in the equity financing is compounded in venture capital financing. With a huge involvement of cash, the VC partner may be involved in the business.
  1. Minority ownership status-Concentrating on the size of the VC firm’s stake in the company which reveal more than 50%, the company can lose the management control. Itreveals that the ownership is given by the company of their own business

Advantage and disadvantages for these deals goes hand in hand and for investment in business. Startups need to understand that there will be risks when dealing with monitory funds. Capital can never be taken lightly so, as a result it is on the company to understand and be ready to take the potential risks.

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